My specialty is taking wood or canvas adding a little paint and glitter to make something wonderful for your child or event!

I love creating imaginative children's rooms, happy places that envelop children like being inside their own illustrated story. That is how I began painting children's murals.

Painting murals and furniture began by accident, while working in a children's furniture store in Savannah, Georgia. One day a customer asked if we knew who could personalize the step stool she had just purchased for her grandson. "Of course," I said, without even a second thought.

While I had always been an artist, painting furniture, tea sets and murals had never crossed my mind. I did illustrations . . . children's books and the like not furniture and walls!

But, I love it! So painting furniture, murals and making props has continued all these years later. Now reaching out through FancifulElephantEmporium on etsy I am creating more decor for you to coordinate with step stools. I am also coming up with more designs for boys. YAY BOYS!!!

So I hope you will come back often to see what's NEW!

Thank you for visiting the Fanciful Elephant Emporium.

Be Fanciful my friends.

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